Saturday brunch at The Plaid Apron

Nestled within a small neighborhood off of Kingston Pike, The Plaid Apron brings local Knoxvillians together for farm to table dishes inspired by what is in season. Recently, the restaurant took a short break to renovate the space and redesign the menu. The restaurant stayed true to its original concept, offering meals that remind you of a warm homemade dish but surprise you with refined flavor combinations. The affordable menu incorporates regionally sourced ingredients like Circle V eggs and Cruze Farm’s dairy products – all incredibly fresh. The new menu still offers some of the old menu’s classics like the tomato soup and artisanal grilled cheese.

I decided to stop in for the new weekend brunch offerings and check out the new renovations. The space has been beautifully redesigned into a sleek open dining area that also includes a bakery counter. The restaurant was filled with customers ordering dishes and reading local papers; the local neighborhood vibe made the new Plaid Apron just as cozy as it once was.

IMG_4961I began with a Cruze Farm’s milk cappuccino as I perused the menu. I had trouble deciding what to order, since everything sounded delicious and every dish that passed looked excellent. The house made sourdough french toast was my original choice, but I went with the veggie and grain plate as I was eager to try the duck egg. The friendly waiter also advised that this dish was packed with flavor. The base of the dish included sorghum, asparagus, oyster mushrooms, and red onion topped with goat cheese fondue and poached duck egg. The dish tasted fantastic. I was a little hesitant at first since some grain and veggie dishes can lack flavor. This one did not! The goat cheese fondue under the perfectly runny poached duck egg created a decadent sauce to cover the fresh salted vegetables and sorghum. The combination of the flavors created the perfect warm dish for a rainy Saturday brunch.


After finishing my brunch meal I needed something sweet, so I stopped by the bakery counter to pic up an oatmeal cookie. The oatmeal craisin cookie was perfectly moist and chewy – a perfect sweet end note to the meal.

I enjoyed the original Plaid Apron, but I love the new renovations and menu. As always, the staff is incredibly friendly, and it feels great supporting the local small business and growers. You truly cannot go wrong when picking a meal because everything is carefully prepared and ingredients are thoughtfully sourced. This spot is the perfect neighborhood restaurant with unique dishes, and it is perfect for any occasion from date night to family dinner. The Plaid Apron’s delicious dishes and friendly atmosphere will keep you coming back for more.



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