Hyppo Pops: The perfect summer treat


Blackberry goat cheese, cantaloupe black pepper, and chipotle peach are just a few of the unique and incredible flavors that appear on the long menu at The Hyppo gourmet ice pop shop. Since opening its doors in St. Augustine, Florida back in 2010, The Hyppo has expanded to nine shops across Florida in St. Augustine, Jacksonville, Gainesville, St. Petersburg, and Tampa. The Hyppo also has ‘pop peddlers’ that make appearances at events with ice pop carts and a few ice pop freezers in select stores.IMG_7218

A Hyppo pop makes the perfect treat for those hot 90 degree Florida summer days. The best part is the pops are 100 percent all natural containing only fresh non-GMO fruit, fruit juices, rBST free dairy, and fresh herbs and spices. The flavor combinations are unlike any other. Fear not – they still have traditional pop flavors for those less adventurous eaters. My personal pops preference on a hot summer day is the key lime hand-dipped in dark chocolate! I have never had a pop I didn’t find refreshing and delicious.

The Hyppo locations vary greatly in closing time so be sure to check their website for your nearest store’s closing hours. Also, be sure to ask for a reward stamp card at the checkout counter! Trust me, it won’t take you long to fill up that card for a special reward!



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