Market Square to be Transformed into ‘Biscuit Boulevard’

Since 2009 Knoxville, Tennessee has opened its streets to the International Biscuit Festival welcoming bakers, writers, musicians and even biscuit pageant contestants to the summer event. This year, the Southern Food Writing Conference and International Biscuit Festival will take over Knoxville May 19th and 20th.

The weekend will begin with a conference for food writers and the festival itself will kick off with the ‘Biscuit Bash,’ a music filled event allowing the public to meet and greet with food writers from the conference. Food and cocktails will be provided by local restaurants at the bash. Beginning Saturday, ‘Biscuit Boulevard’ and the ‘Biscuit Bazaar’ will set up in the Market Square area of downtown Knoxville. The boulevard event will allow festival attendees to purchase tickets and sample five different biscuits. Taste testers will then be allowed to vote for a ‘people’s choice’ biscuit winner. The bazaar will allow biscuit lovers to view and try out biscuit gadgets and products to help with at-home biscuit baking.

Screen Shot 2017-04-15 at 10.07.26 PM

Photo courtesy of the International Biscuit Festival on Instagram // @biscuitfest

Sweet or savory, fluffy or dense, the International Biscuit Festival will offer biscuit bakers and lovers the ultimate event to showcase and taste biscuits of all varieties. The location in Market Square will allow plenty of easy parking opportunities in free lots and street spots around the downtown area. The location should also allow locals and travelers to enjoy the warm May weather while biting into a fresh biscuit.

More information on tickets and times of the event can be found by visiting


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