Lunch with a Purpose

The Brown Bag restaurant located in Knoxville (Hardin Valley and Downtown) and Nashville gives customers lunch with a purpose. The purchase of healthy and freshly made meals support the restaurant’s mission to provide meals free of charge to local residents in times of need. 

The meals at the Brown Bag are nothing short of excellent. An entree and two sides will cost around $9.00 and is served with large portions. The grilled chicken and grilled steak were especially delicious and tender. Seasonal salads using premium ingredients like fresh fruit and kale are offered as sides and will over flow your plate. Fresh mashed potatoes and grilled vegetable can also be chosen as side options. While I visited, the $2 tubs of banana pudding flew off the shelf. So if you were contemplating dessert at the checkout counter, grab one while you can! 

This restaurant is often packed at the lunch hour and also offers great deals on catering or family trays. Each location is open until 2 pm in order to provide meals afterward for those in need. 

It was so refreshing to be served such a delicious and healthy meal that served a bigger purpose in the community. 


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