HLB: The Perfect Biscuit Spot

About a year ago, after a three hour drive to the city from Hilton Head, I found myself strolling down King Street in downtown Charleston looking for a quick snack spot. At that moment I walked into a narrow shop nestled in a long strip of buildings that smelled like warm salty buttermilk biscuits. This unique shop was Callie’s Hot Little Biscuits, or HLB as the locals call it. Today, HLB resides in both Charleston and Atlanta. My latest road trip back to Tampa routed me through Atlanta, which gave me the perfect excuse to make a quick stop in and grab some hot biscuits.

There are a few things that make Callie’s Hot Little Biscuits different than the typical biscuit. HLB serves up a variety of biscuits, both sweet and savory. The biscuit flavors range from your traditional buttermilk to blackberry to black pepper bacon. Home made accoutrements are also served such as whipped flavored butters, jams, and bacon gravy. The best part is that the biscuits come in smaller portions, perfect for mixing and matching multiple flavors. If you are anything like me, this solves the great sweet vs. savory battle that goes on every time you choose a snack or breakfast meal.


Cinnamon biscuits are a mix of sweet and savory paired with whipped cinnamon filling. Black pepper and bacon, cheese chive, and plain buttermilk serve the perfect salty bite.

Callie’s HLB are the perfect warm bite – airy on the inside with a perfect buttery crisp top. The biscuits are substantial and will not crumble, while maintaining a delicate fluffiness to them.

Bite size biscuits are not the only offerings at HLB. Full size biscuit sandwiches made with regional ingredients are also a hit. Later in the afternoon, tomato soup biscuit bowls are served up and pimento sandwiches are available freshly grilled to order. Coffee, tea, and juice are also available to sip along with your biscuits.

HLB is the perfect stop for a morning stroll through downtown Charleston, South Carolina. If you are visiting or passing through Atlanta, Georgia you can find HLB in the Virginia Highland area, about 12 minutes off the interstate. Both locations offer quick service, friendly staff, and to-go options!

For those of us that are not on a road trip or within a reasonable driving distance, HLB offers frozen 12-count packs of the classic buttermilk biscuits in gourmet grocery stores like The Fresh Market. Go ahead, grab those car keys and go get some biscuits!


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